Can a Leher let nachschreiben a job in another hour?

Was last week the exchange and ill although a math test has been written today today. The next Math hour on Wednesday as we are but on a Ausflug.Darf teachers now by so tomorrow come to class and let me nachschreiben work or he needs until the next math lesson (Monday) wait?

Thank you in advance

The best answer

Depending on the compartment from which he wants to kidnap you and what topic is treated there gerede.

From the physical education or music as a problem. For others, not fan, but most topics for the next work to be yes in subjects such as English or German but treated. With these you can believe you, I even jackknife (specified without legal ^^)

Clear long as it is coordinated with the other teachers, it is allowed to. And that is hardly anything about it


Yes, he must you tomorrow let nachschreiben.

Greetings, Dreams97

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