Can a sunstroke sun 2 days after the arise?

Lag on Sunday to 17 am in the sun have now also accompanied by blisters etc. in the face. Now (Tuesday 21:00) makes chills, mild dizziness, headache, hot and then cold (goosebumps at 25 degrees) noticeable. Moreover amiss, but I do not have to throw up. Can that be sunbathing 2 days after a sunstroke?

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Is me also new that the sunstroke can wait so long in coming, but the symptoms that you describe hear quite thereafter at. But how can you be so unreasonable? Blisters in the face. That's terrible. Hope for you not think that you once to do with long-term consequences.

I have never heard. In fact, it usually occurs on the same evening, or in the same night. But it could be that the strong sunshine gave your immune system bruised the rest. Sounds more like the flu ...

Are you somewhere in Europe? At the doctor yet you were already.

Yes you can usually go directly already the same evening!

where was that? With us is winter!

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