Can a Visa for Turkey in one day get when you fly the very next day?

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As a tourist, you can stay up to 90 days in a period of 180 days without a visa in the country. Shorter, falling in this period stays are added. Thus the legal situation in Turkey is in principle applicable in Germany werden.Die adjusted current practice to justify a further stay of 90 days after a one-day leave, not since 1 February 2012, more möglich.Personen that already in the stop Turkey and a longer stay, can apply for a residence within 90 days of arrival on site. These must be valid for the passport yet 90 days of the planned stay. If before entering a stay of more than 90 days, planned, an appropriate visa should be applied for at a Turkish diplomatic mission. The Embassy recommends to contact in case of doubt to the Turkish authorities, consulates or lawyers, particularly when frequent long-term stays in Turkey intends sind.Deutsche nationals who have obtained a visa to climb of Ararat, need for going beyond stay in Turkey means a license that immediately after the end of the hike at the aliens police Directorate of Security of the province (il emniyet müdürülüğü) obtain ist.Von Germany issued travel documents or travel documents for foreigners of other nationalities are recognized by Turkey. However, a visa for entry into Turkey without exception requires that our prior at a Turkish Consulate General. Turkish nationals should always travel with a Turkish passport. An entry is possible, the departure from Turkey with a certificate from German authorities pass on the other hand not immer.Bitte note that during the visit to Turkey by land, the entry requirements of the transit country must be respected. In Serbia an entry and a stay up to 90 days with the federal identity card are possible since 12.06.2010.

Source: Foreign Office

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