Can a walking journal work?

I have changing leaves and actually one can almost all animals work even goldfish can be trained theoretically changing leaves the example that arises on its hind legs is the facts or will ever thank you ever advance

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Insects have only a very very simple knitted nervous system. They have no meaning in the "intelligence", but their minds were gorging on, flee, mate aligned.

Therefore, this will not work. An insect can not learn. Proof: 100 times thundering against the glass housefly, the next you do not perceive the gap of the tilted window.

Sorry, but that will probably not, those are anyway not animals that you should take regularly to cuddle on the hand. Wandering leaves are absolutely fascinating, but just animals that are observed, not with whom to play. Do yourself and the animals the slopes and let them in the terrarium, where they belong.

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