Can anyone give tips as I as soon as possible may increase for school?

Hello. I am 13 years old, unfortunately 1.68cm un only weigh 37-38kg. I've always tried to take but it is so hard. Can anyone give tips as I as soon as possible may increase for school? Or what things should I eat Had? Very nice thank you :)

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Go best with your parents a dietician.

Take your time! You are 13 and under development. In this age can be the case in this regard does not really control, there Mesnschen who eat and eat and not to take and there is just also people for whom it is the other way around. Let your body just 3-4 years time and the problem will be solved by itself :)

PS; I will in few days 14

Shake selbermachen instructions there on google 2 mall drink a day and still to overeat bread (buns) with spread-bread --- butter-spread-cheese-ham-cucumber-tomato.

Buy yourself a Nahrungsergänzungsmittel.Trink the once closed mornings and evenings dining on like usual, between a piece of cake or chocolate.

Warning! Healthy as is not certain.

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