Can anyone 'since' and 'are' explain !?

Hello my dears. Although I live already 5 years here in Germany and I speak it is actually quite good but I can 'since' and 'are' no different! : /

Would someone so nice and could tell me succinctly as I can Mercken me? Such a bridge would be very cool :-)

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Since for the time :)

Since one writes at times as: "I live for 5 years in Germany" or "has 6:00 I'm awake."

Silk is said as a verb, for example: "You are all stupid!" or "are you stupid?" or even "you are but grown up."

I hope I could help you, Lg Nicolas

Since you used only so if time plays a role since yesterday, since 1990 since 2:00 etc. Are you used when you are talking of people so you are.

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"Since"> temporal preposition, see. Eng. "Since"

"Silky"> auxiliary verb, 2. Ps. Pl. Of "his" comp. "You are"

"Are you when it ARe and at since it's about time."

'Date' is used in time-specified as' I live for 5 years here 'or' we have since 1 year '' are 'is used in the 2nd person plural such as "you are many people' or 'you're cute'

"Since" is used before a time specified as "For 3 years I play football."

"Silk" you use when you describe a majority as "You're cute."

Date: since yesterday (So from then on, away from there, ...); For three years I do not drink more anlkohol

are: you are (as I am, you are) you are so crazy

"Be" is used in properties. Example: You are so cute. "Since" to use at times. I eat for 10 minutes.

Ever since to do with TiMe you write it with T, for example, for 2 hours or for three years or since yesterday or whatever. ;-)

Be "T" is the Zei "T". You live for 5 years in Germany.

Silk / are. We are in Germany. You are in Germany.

"Silk" comes from the verb "to be":

"I am

You are

he, she, it is

we are

you are

you are"

"Date" refers to a time period


Since yesterday it rains.

Bridge: after the "You are" always comes a verb ( "You are clever, cheerful ....) After" since "always a time statement:" I live in Germany for 5 years. "

"Since" has something to do with a time period ... "Since yesterday ..." "Silk" is part of "are" as in "we're friends .."

Since - Time and silk - ARe

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