Can anyone tell me what is my dog ​​for a race me?

I got me a new dog gained and no one can tell me what a race it ist.Kann someone help me?

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This is definitely a hybrid, looks a bit like a mix of Labrador and German Shepherd from, Google is a picture of puppies by the looks the same

does not fit entirely on the screen and drawing, but your stinker looks like a sennenhundmix

the "seller" should you at least the racial mother said. it is not allowed a 6 week old puppies for sale, according to animal protection law!

- What you have -the you the thinking dog missing important socialization steps by the mother ... please quickly to vet, to the small indeed probably unvaccinated!

the pespektive the photos is very unfavorable -I suspect it is a schaefer dog mix

could be a great swiss mountain dog or pipilangstrumpfhund, motley mix

possibly a Swiss Mountain Dog? If this is a puppy - anyway still a little hard to erkennenm.

This is a dog that special breed StraGraMi ...

Street dogs in 6 weeks of age are usually in the bitch and her siblings ...

but your sitting with you in any café or similar

Shepherd mix I would say. But I'd taken at 6 weeks too early from the mother saying.

Has something of NEN Shepherd. In any case, a hybrid

The almost looks

Really? You buy a dog and not even know what it is for a race?

Why you do not know something :(?

breed sweet

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