Can be dispelled at once (YT)?

Statement: I am already longer on YouTube (YT) and make videos containing more than 90% of other videos (1 hour versions, lyrics, etc.), but as I do nothing of public songs / videos take, but only from other YTer me nothing happened (no Strike, etc.) BUT now I want a Lyric video making of a public song (game on from the film PIXELS) question: Can one be captured on YT at once (without Strike, etc.) and only the channel banned or complete account (all other channels belonging to Acc, G +, GMail, etc.), I will not risk anything! I've already more than a thousand subscriptions and do not want to start from scratch!

The best answer

See it once but the other way around: Did you have to give you a permit, which you may even if it is only a few seconds of the movie or the song, publish PIXELS of the something film?

If not, without the written consent never publish music, graphics, images and other. Unless there is help that you may use these things in their own videos. And then you should always specify it in the description, where one has the video here.

Otherwise, always write to the company and have a written permission (via email) to send, so that you can submit when needed this as evidence in Youtube :)

Without strikes not you get first strikes

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