Can cheese pretzels are made so?

Hello, you can make a cheese pretzel so: Ready pretzels (which you have to do to open) because it I do slice of cheese. Is this OK? Or do you recommend me something else? Thank you :)

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Bake the frozen pretzels you should first use half without cheese. Then sprinkle the grated cheese over it. If you are not fat but spicy like it, I recommend you to rub harzer (Moulinette or similar device) and to sprinkle. This gives käsigwürzige pretzels. With Harz please use no more salt, which is already really good spicy.

the cheese is melted relatively quickly. I would do the pretzel only once for 10 minutes in the oven and then spread the cheese on it shortly before completion.

Go buy pretzels from deep refrigerated section at the grocery store. Then you put on the thawed pretzels slice of cheese how to use it for toast. Simultaneously freshen - so should really go wrong.

Grated cheese tastes better

Participating prefer grated cheese, then it is not so muddy.

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