can create pictures in video

Hello ! Is there such a thing as " " where you can make create pictures as a video, but as you will want to have in the background with a particular song? I would like to create a love message for my friend, but would like to hold our song here. This is unfortunately not in movinary.

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The slideshow software of three cubes ( ) you can put together and present your photos with music.

For your show you to your photos also add videos. Furthermore, you can enrich your slideshow with effects and label your photos.

Hello Jasuma

You could try using the free version of VideoPad. But the program after some time for saving version, but is still working, albeit somewhat limited. To gain experience, it is very well suited.

All basic functions of a video editing program included in the freeware version of VideoPad. It may writings appear in quite different configurations. Also pictures and audios from the hard disk can be inserted. The same goes for text announcements via microphone. With different effects to the whole can be given a professional look. Inserted images can be more dynamic with the zoom function. So you can quickly create a slideshow in video format of their choice. The German aid makes it easy to navigate in the program.

From the publisher's website or at under Download you find a German version of the program.

Note: When installing is asking for programs that can be installed. Who is not needed, just click on anything and then goes on Finish.

Have fun and LG

hey you can make a video and paste songs with Windows Movie Maker from photos

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