Can dog already bathe in February?

Even if the question is a bit stupid sounds, but we have a 10-year-old Golden Retriever bitch and she loves to baden.Meine question is whether they even now the water can, since it is still very cold and I would protect them from a bladder infection or the like :(

The best answer

There are dogs that do not mind. My is one of them, but there are also ne limit at which they no longer mim A ** ch looks the water, since it is but then too cold.

It is important that the dog can then move also neat to maintain its body temperature and after bathing not out too long wandering from the actual temperatures.

Daheim then dry completely. If the dog has a good immune system, because nothing will happen.

My dog ​​go in the winter in the water if I do not timely Containment

Am I by car near it may even in winter the water, but I think they then move so that they do not get cold and in the car they are dried.

Am I still go longer they are allowed anything into the water.

Some dogs are those water rats, that they are hardly matter discourage a bad at what season ..

We have here a spaniel of the whole year plunges into the flood and my dog ​​look at me then always "spins the matter?" ...

if the dog in the water quickly bwegt and it is not far to the home - is that under certain circumstances - please dry well at home and waerem ...

frost and strong wind, I would not allow it ...

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