Can healthy as athletes Vegetarusch life? Have made her experience?

Hello dear, doing quite a lot of sports. That means I'm doing:

Gymnastics Thai Boxing Tennis Hip Hop Dance expression (I'm starting now expected nor Thai chi and later with floor fight on)

I want so very much but are not completely Vegetarian Vegan. Since I from the friend of my mother he knows this has also been a time Tried and made at this time and a lot of sports, it did him no longer good; it could no longer provide its peak performances. Before that I was just too scared. So now my question to you, you also experience made in this topic?

I would appreciate any feedback! :) Lg Chira

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Hello! The Shaolin have always Vegetable feeds - they are famous for strength and hardness. And You should really time videos of Patrick Baboumian at You Tube movie, because you can learn a lot. Wiki:

Patrik Baboumian is an Armenian force athlete who lived in Germany since 1986th The Strongman Championships in August 2011, he won the title "Germany's strongest Man"

All the best.

Yes, and that can also fold vegan. For me it was even a significant increase in performance and in many other I missed this experience. Of course it is important to pay attention to his caloric intake and macronutrients. I feel fitter and healthier than ever before and that although it previously was never really bad to me by the low-fat plant-based diet.

I also do a lot of sports, so about 6x the week. During Lent I renounce on meat, I have with me but not noticed that I feel bad or anything :)

peep simply that you get adequate nutrients peep in Link

You have to give themselves pay it that you compensate meat. What you need is mainly protein and iron, and you get even without meat if you will inform you correctly.

(Even as a vegan is still, I'd say from experience. My blood values ​​are good.)

there sogr vegan top sportsman. I'm athletic and nourish me vegetarian for over thirty years. Eat easy balanced vegi and as yet, hemp powder is a real protein bomb, you get the herbalist.

Hi, yeah, and that's even vegan: Look at the pages of "Charles Ess" and "vegan strength" ... Alexander Dargatz and the "strongman" Patrick Baboumian are times also vegan athletes ... As here already mentioned, the challenge Books Attila Hildmann are also recommended, especially "Vegan for Fit" (30 days) and as increase "Vegan for Youth" (60 days). Look also at the profile of the user "kami1a" times - he has many titles in weightlifting and eats very little meat ... With him you'll find lots of tips and experience - he is also a very nice person ... All the best for you and a lot of fun - while exercising and eating ... :)

Greeting, Elsie

successful endurance athlete (winner) bunkering long before the competition complex carbohydrates (they feed vegan) that creates them vs. a rich projection. "Normal eaters" (meat eater).

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