can help someone mitr

Senti coso intanto ti calmi e porti rispetto alla mia donna

Can someone put me over from Italian into German? Mich wrote to a girl and I do not understand it

The best answer

I have something translated to englich but it was merely meant well but she has certainly misunderstood

Listen, whatnot (type), in the meantime, you calm down first and behave be respectful to my wife about (literally bring my wife show respect).

WHAT HAVE I MISSED? A girl has written and asked his WIFE TO RESPECT you? "... Ehy, you there, stimulates you up and show us' respect for my wife" ( "Coso", of "Cosa", a thing, a thing you use is like for something whose name you do not know or moment can not remember. In terms of people's derogatory.)

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