Can honey heal from the supermarket?

I have seen a report that in some countries people are healed with skin diseases or wounds with honey where you strike the honey on the appropriate skin. Does it have to be a special honey or makes it a honey from the supermarket shelf?

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The honey is the same, apart from the use flowers. Honey is much, including very healthy, but should not be applied to open wounds, because it may be contaminated with pathogens. But it can wonderfully use as a facial mask and I have also made good experiences when I've eaten after a night of honey goodnight.

Ordinary sugar's doing well. It's just a matter of the wound "suck" secretions. Http: // ...

It must be a cold extracted honey. Big wounds can not treat you so. You have to still go to the doctor.

Sure, but if you Moos ausringst, then shuffle with Nutella plus adding a carbon dioxide wenih you get the same effect

this also with supermarket honey! :) for example you can the on chapped lips then make them soft or small wounds and insect bites, disinfects you :)

Well that are in the supermarket often "contaminated" chemically so I would take organic honey

Does not roll where to buy the. Is anything too special ...

Yes! This can also honey from the supermarket!

I've found here:

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