Can I as a minor customer d-Mark coins at my bank change?

I have recently been given by my grandmother some d-Mark coins, so now I have to ask if I can redeem them as minors. Thank you in advance for helpful answers.

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the Land Central Banks (the states) on behalf of the Bundesbank are responsible for the exchange of D-marks into euros. However, it may be that which takes a bank to its customers. An age limit does not exist here. It still is a legal tender. On occasion, also shops at special still to D-Mark.

This is possible already, only you should consult you also to the locations: https: // ...

There should be some because Mark coins that have a special value to collectors. I think with the year and letter hangs somehow together. I'm not a collector. But if you have time and desire can indeed times see before the exchange on the Internet. may convert the way everyone. The perhaps most suspicious at the bank when there are several thousand. I've even seen a sign that the company also marks some time ago in C% A. Do not know if that is still current.

Should not be a problem but in larger amount (so € 200?) Better take someone adult: D

To be serious, you should keep the because of increased value after time. But actually, you can change the I think.

Then there have been lying around a lot of old coins is even a 83 years old keep them rather soon it has more value for collectors

Might not be a problem!

Why exchange? Has not collectable and they are from your grandma

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