Can I at the storm my dog ​​free in a meadow running?

It may sound crazy, is not really my dog ​​but my mother, but I have to worry about the currently small. It is not really hard, is medium in size and a shepherd dog-collimix. I want a bit on the lawn so that she gets her run with it, but when the storm I have to be honest a bit scared. I wants to run free haha ​​blank. The weather is good, blue sky, etc. It's just only extremely stormy.

Thanks in advance

The best answer

"Blown away" it is not, do not worry :-)

but possibly also comes on it like the dog responds to the storm. Some dogs are skittish and easily panicked when the storm whistles or it crashes somewhere. If you have fear that the dog could panic they let on a long line.

It can actually happen. But it is best not to walk under trees, because there might fall down by the storm branches. In addition, the dog may panic because tarpaulins etc. blowing in the wind.

Solang since no trees are that might fall over and could harm the dog, I would think not help me!

What should happen, you mean the dog flies away? Unless you should pass nothing through the forest walk.

There had someone .. (came in traffic) his dachshund in a storm on a kite tied .. attached to the collar. The dachshund hebte from natural and flog- course strangled, on the highway.

So .. I think ... walk the dog is okay in a storm. On a leash. Without dragon.

Note that you can it may not call back because they can not hear you!

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