Can I be a stewardess at all?

So, I'm 15, in less than 16 einhalben year I want to be a stewardess actually, but my big problem is that I'm grown only 155 and I do not know if I'll grow, because according to Internet I would have to have 160. Can I forget it? Or I will grow with 15? I want to be absolutely. Lg

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Do not stress. You're only 15 and will certainly continue to grow. I am even grown with 19 a little further. THe puberty is not the same for everybody. And even if you should not grow much, you should try it at least. I can not imagine that all of them, the audition, measure it with a ruler me. yes there are only 5 cm. Just try it! More than one No you will not get well. ;)

These are now only 5 cm and you're I think even couple of years at puberty. So do not worry. I do not think they measure it accurately and send you away, if only you would actually 158 are.

It grows as a woman to 21 years, as well heck not fail to 5cm

hey, I've always wanted to work in the airport'm also too small but is something I do not think sooo important first you have to be at least 16-17 years or even of legal age if you do want to write a training simply times ne senior can not hurt :) hope could help you. good luck

How are we to know if you're going to grow? Your question can not be answered. Think about a precaution career alternative. Good luck, maybe it'll work indeed!

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