Can I call my dog ​​"Mulle Katz"?

My dog ​​I sometimes call named "Mulle Katz" and it goes by the name. Can I call my dog ​​as though there is not a cat?

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the problem is that it could result in your dog eventually to Idenditätskrise and he might feel threatened by other dogs wagging his tail. Maybe he takes refuge in an imaginary world and looks just the Simpsons or the program with the mouse

I call my cat sometimes Lilli mouse Schatzemaus, Schnurripurri, Schnuppeli, Mausespatz etc. My father's cat's nose. Why not?

For dogs name, there is no provision. However, I "sometimes" stop short at. You should call him always with the same name, or it will not streamlined the.

A dog kannste call as you want

Why not? Where is it written as a dog has to be called?

My dog ​​stopped Obscene Hinkel, Dreckspatz, mud nose, Lili, Lizzie, monster, etc.

If owner calls / owner, it is almost no matter what the content, it is the voice, is responding to the.

I call my husband the way ever Gnömchen what has not brought me any arrest for improper titling .......

You can make your dog taxi, thunderstorm, beech, tomato, or named anything, it does not matter! The dog and you certainly look sometimes irriertiert definitely, the rest is. But not at Mulle-Katz.

I often call my Chihuahua Mullemaus. :-)

Yes, it is legally allowed. You can also duck or call it that, in the name, there is no prohibition!

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