Can I display? (Proper damage)

So I was with some friends in the garden of a well-known, all except me and another (none of us is owner of the garden) have gone to other friends and wanted to come back later (which they then but are not) to new year the key they have left us. The other was still there has friends invited and this made everything dirty. So the mother of the owner of the garden will denounce me now, they can do that? I've done nothing, but it can not prove it but it is not left to their debt when they simply 'foreign' people their garden?

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You have not invited well yes, the "strangers" who have left the dirt. Invited this was probably a guest. So you can do that but clear and idejenigen designate who invited the polluters and possibly even the polluter. Where the question is whether you have not taken the damage approvingly in purchase and are not addressed against it, so you could be a contributory negligence will be charged. But I'm not a lawyer.

In benefit of the doubt. You're out, if it is not proven that you have also done something. But the others are off course.

So show just because he was strange is going but not if you've done something breaks then the damage to property and must be replaced. But it depends on what you mean by "get dirty";)

This is sooooo typical German to threaten a display equal because such a trifle. Ridiculous

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