Can I do agility with a shelter dog

Hello dear reader, I have the shelter Ladeburg he assumed a partnership relationship for Rocko is a Boder Collie Boxer Mix (4 years old), he needs a lot of movement because I can not have a large dog / must I wanted something good tuhen. At the shelter Ladeburg is a large exercise area (eingezeunt) and now to my question: Can I make a dog from a shelter Agility? The shelter staff and the shelter manager know me well because I have there times made a voluntary internship. (I'm already so far that I get there because the people that the dog may give out because I know all dogs) I would sometimes go 4-5 the week to Rocko and with a workout in and of course the fun in the first spot is maybe he then also better vermitlungs chances and he'd also get the outlet he needs.

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But come so few questions. Where you going to do Agilty? When? As? If the dog's. Really to operate in a position this sport? For many dogs, although need a lot of exercise, but should not have so MUCH. Please speak best with the head or the director, or other staff member. Personally, I find it a great idea, and I am very pleased that you also about doing thoughts you. Incidentally but you could also commands him in bring, though is only for intellectual capacity, but then he also has better placement opportunities.

Before you can exercise a dog sport and want to leave the dog please on HD / ED test. Agility is very demanding on the joints. Otherwise you can make with any healthy dog ​​agility. For large heavy breeds but this is not recommended precisely because it is so demanding on the joints due to the mass.

Otherwise. I wish a lot of fun :)

Oh yes. If you have any ambitions. Many agility courses can be done only with passing the BH examination. Also tournaments is only if the dog previously has Begleithundeprüfung.

Hey :)

So if your dog is getest on HD / ED, you can do agility with him. But of course the Hundebesitezer (= the shelter) in agreement with the sport. And please do max. 2x a week Agility, because otherwise the animal loses the fun! If you want to go later Agility courses and / or agility tournaments, a Begleithundeprüfung would be very useful.

best regards


Hi, I think you will sure have to ask the shelter manager, first Solte the dog in my eyes are for once-rayed by the vet, because the joints and then yes also raises the issue of who is liable if the dog to the square what happens ?? It's not your dog, but the property of the shelter.

If it is allowed by the shelter - yes

Agility training is basically every healthy dog ​​possible ...

I am only surprised that you user at GF then ask us - because your first port of call should always be the shelter line. There you should ask if Rocko is appropriate at all to do with you Agility Training ...

And then you ask for permission just such training with Rocko take.

How old are you? Perhaps there is also actuarially regulate what ...

This question you should the animal shelter staff / line make -we can only tell you - much right there!

The at the shelter to know you and the dog! What do the because to your idea? Otherwise, I agree with Tasferal.


to make it short:

The origin of the dog does not matter, in the exercise of the sport.

If the dog from having fun, you can do it.


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