Can I dyed hair (brown) itself blondes?

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Can do you know how I can not say then looks the. I also have done that, but had to dye 2 times because it has gone in the direction of Orange at the first time which I then had to walk around forcibly 4 weeks and after 2 times say it then good again.

Should actually already but go go stop the risk that the hair thus break.

I would you really advise against it! Because if you want to bleach your hair again, then you have it only once bleach. That's about the worst thing you can do to your hair, so I would leave the definitely make professionally at the hairdresser. Good luck & best wishes! :)

Sure you can do that, but you have to be aware that even what can go wrong you. And I would never use bleaching from the drugstore, which most of the demand for hairdressers. And after blondieren a cure or rinse in the hair do with the bleaching hair does not continue to harm. And I would not take stronger bleaching than 6% because then the color goes out worse. Best not to often blondieren. :)

some people can - some not. how are we to know if YOU can it?

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