can I give my dog ​​perentherol?

my little bitch honey has diarrhea (which is ask me slightly uncomfortable) it was yesterday as yellow as an egg yolk and now dark brown and both times very slimy what can I do ?? we are in vienna and have no vet (are on vacation) you know a district in the 3rd ??? perenthrol give ??? Are haferflockken well as fodder ??? not dehydrated

The best answer

I can give her OMEP (I know, that's for people charcoal tablets abr they may indeed have)

You've already times after asking here !!! You can give Tannalbin, is also compatible for people and as well for your dog. I have had good experiences with and when, you think, do you go with your dog to the vet once ?! Today there are even emergency services when it is urgent and acute!

We have already told you that you would not thyself shalt what to administer medication if they are meant for people.

And Perenterol one of them !!!

There are also in Vienna duty emergency vets.

Perhaps you say now times your parents communication - I think that should take care of the dog once.

Besides, at this point again: Dogs have the diarrheal first get nothing to eat but only offered plenty of fresh water to drink.

Just go easy times to the pharmacy. Tannacomp's now also for dogs.

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