Can I have a young to bring to fall for me?

Question is above, if yes how? LG and thank you ;-)

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By you give yourself the way you are ... under no circumstances verstellenund remain naturally ... he finds you likeable the first step is already done ... but if he actually falls in love with you or not, no one knows ...

In my case it worked with my friend ... and he was actually the opinion of us would never become a couple ...

So you see, there is nothing for a guarantee, but) you should try it definitely win it for you :)

to not bring with success! but you can ask him if you want to do something, etc. can be something like this through joint activities arouse but never force;) good luck

Do not be so selfish! If he wants anything from you, then accept it, but zwing it not your opinion on! Waiting for someone who accepts you for who you are and not the one whom you have to force that he wants you at all!

lg Colo

you can love not force. either he did not fall in love with Fich way you are or then. it can änderen nothing ...

Such a thing can not be forced. This is possibly after a time ... :)

How will you get him? Do you know each other? Speak ye one another. Or you are known only superficially. Well then you need only get out if he wants to get even a girlfriend and you're his type. It is somewhat difficult with a statement of the questioner to give a reasonable answer.

If you try it is to force it do not work.

Love can not be forced

No, you can not love force, you can attract attention and hope that it is something more.

Love can not be forced

Hopefully, the question is not serious !!! I mean, everyone knows that EVERY YOUNG a numeral on the birth certificate, has only when the numeral is divided by 2, the first number of your birthday, he loves you Nothing to do here

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