Can I in a thriller for duty machining installing murders or so

Hello with some friends I write for the school a thriller we have an inexpensive student end and it's about a girl who was bullied before she confides a young at avenges other that is not always fatal can I use that as stress points?

The best answer

YOU are the author,

So let your mind play, think differently, think around the corner in order to achieve what you want to say. Try them out, just write and if you do not like delete it, or change it again.

You just have your creativity free rein and write what comes to mind, it is also good.

One can judge from outside difficult, but if you stage all decorated in your style, everything again so veränderst that it is only waiting for this moment, it can consist of a normal book make a very good.

If there are questions, I always am at disposal when it comes to write the topic.

Best regards


It is okay

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