Can I let my dog ​​sleep ONLY with baskets on the balcony?

My cat is sleeping overnight on the balcony and it comes with the temperature of Good. Therefore, I thought my dog ​​Teddy could on the balcony because it is sometimes very warm in the apartment. He sleeps in the hallway! He is a King charles- cocker spaniel and soon 10 yes on the balcony is also a sofa. It would be nice if you could help me. (Under the school he would in the evening at 23:00 - 6:30 come out on the balcony if it works and you help me.)

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With the current temparatures it is theoretically possible, but winter is not the.

Generally I consider Davona uch anything because dogs are highly social pack animals that need to be close to their people simply. One should make a dog a maximum of 4-5 hours alone. but overnight the were already 7.5. I find too much, no matter if. On the balcony or anywhere else isolated from humans

When a cat that looks different, which is also sometimes quite well without the man out.

No, you are not allowed. It is even forbidden. There is a Dog Control Ordinance, in which is strictly regulated, as a dog is to be held.

You can read it here:

It says, inter alia, in § 4:

Animal Shelter Dogs Regulation

§ 4 Requirements for keeping outdoors

(1) Any person who keeps a dog outdoors, must ensure that the dog

a shelter that meets the requirements of paragraph 2, and
. 2
outside the shelter, a weather-protected, shady mooring with thermally insulated floor

be available. During the activities for which a dog was trained or is, the caregiver must ensure that the dog during rest periods is a weather-protected and thermally insulated mooring available.

(2) The shelter must be made of heat-insulating and hazardous to the health material and designed so that the dog can not injure it and are dry. They must be such that the dog

behave justly move around and lie down and
. 2
can keep the interior warm with his body heat, as long as the shelter is not heated.

Yes, there are dogs and cats, which feel more comfortable than outside in an apartment. About heating, odors (smoke), little ventilation, noise, party, etc. do not like dogs and cats. Is it so bad, then they move voluntarily into ungemütlichere zones. Cat Outdoor cat look for a shelter. Balcony cat - very questionable what remains to them? An eviction should always be voluntary and not out of resignation from the perspective of the animal, because it will have easy access to the owner. A dog is more attached to the Meschen than a cat. He will not understand the exclusion, even not at the age of 10. For outdoor entertainment, the coat must also be able to develop. I do not know how warm it you want to have normal room temperatures cope dogs very well. Much undercoat has not a spaniel, he would out sick. About Lasse him the decision. If he wants haggard on the balcony of itself and any time can be drawn back into the warmth, it is OK But dogs sweat prefer half dead before they leave their familiar spot.

I had a dog who was sleeping under my duvet. I was worried because of suffocation and heat accumulation. Baseless, they want it cozy, love physical contact and provide itself for sufficient oxygen supply. Have 4 Cats who need night out wel- come so clear, otherwise they also sleep with me and the dogs in bed. shut out consciousness out of the question. My dogs sleep with me on their side. Will not miss it myself. Bedroom has barely 16 degrees. Make do not experiment, let the dog there overnight, where he felt far hofffentlich well and turn the heating to normal temperature down.

For the cat, it is just too cold, as it will be too cold for the dog. Why does the cat sleeping outside in the cold? Cats love and need warmth! It all sounds pretty heartless.

So, I would my dog ​​does not let you sleep on the balcony (even with basket).

Well Sarah, what's with your dog ??? Will he perhaps unclean? And now your parents have said, if you take care not accordingly, then the dog is missing?

You can easily pronounced "bad" locking out the dog just like the cat ...

But maybe you like him some day at temperatures as now your nights spent outdoors ... (maybe even if you have something like a gastrointestinal infection or they will not let you go to the bathroom at night ...)

let him in the hallway or why he should really be locked out? he Haart too much? Is it dirty? he is annoying?

A dog is not accustomed to live outdoors, you can not just throw out ...

I would you show alone blowing the cat ..

This is in my eyes Tierquälerei.Andere like it anderssehen

I hope not this is meant the Ernst ????

When I read the race I'm sure that's me into his apartment not too hot !! rather a veterinarian and let time fully investigate ride him once him, especially his heart! I think he is panting a lot and it is why he thinks is hot ... that can also come from the heart and he has shortness of breath .... so please Vet !! Not shut to the misery out of sight .... or what is the real reason that he should get out at night?

Do not sleep on the terrace your dog !! Godmanhood what is happening. The next question is then safe as you NEN chicken can freeze with fire

I find absolutely horrible and I would see something I would immediately send to the ASPCA to you

never hears the 1st April on this year?

No, that does not please your dog!

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