Can I list with 17 my dog ​​already?

Hi, we have a dog I would take with my early excerpt happy. My dog ​​is now 3 year old and I'll take care of since we have them. I am also aware that apply eingige with the sole possession of the dog costs. Now I wanted to know what it looks like with the registration of the dog. Can I list with 17 him already?

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To anzumeldne the dog, you need a parental consent as far as I know.

You can add a dog but can also filed it on and take it by agreement. Re-register you can have him if you are of legal age.

how are you going to take care of it in time with the dog when you take off? -du're certainly scatterbrained lerin or in education?

I would be communicated before until your parents the dog and only if you are 18 ummelden ..

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