Can I look after the dog of a friend 2 days with an own dog?

Hello my friends, a friend asked me if I could be a wochendelangauf watch their male French. Bulldog, I have, however, even yet a female Dachshund. I'm not sure if that would be fine, but I would really like to help her on the other side. Both dogs are open to others and not aggressive or anything.

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we also from time to take care of dogs of friends. However, never without the advance half a day of tried to have. Our approach is as follows: 1. Go Together Gassi and behold how the animals tolerated. 2. With master / mistress times for Kaffeeklatsch come to test whether the stranger dog is accepted with us in the apartment. 3. The strange dog borrow half a day of. So far we have only once found out that the animals do not understand; usually works quite well and peacefully. What we never do is the animals to be together alone in the apartment not long to know. Hope this helps you.


to know the dogs? Otherwise, I would organize beforehand on neutral place a meeting. Then you can see yes, how the two behave.

Otherwise, it takes a lot of organization on your part. Feed the dog isolated, look, that each has its own place, aggressive behavior stop etc.

Hello, if the dogs do not understand why. If your dog is not neutered, I would, however, refrain from when she is in heat.

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