Can I move my period \ quit \ shorten?

So ... I have now for about 1 year (I'm 14) my period and I wanted to ask if I can move, terminate or shorten my period anyway? LG Luna

The best answer

You go to "Custom Settings" -> "Period" and there you can then change when you have your period etc. You can also completely disable the settings, then you no longer get your period the information.

Joking aside

You can not really go to vschieben, terminate or shortening the period you can change it only by the pill.

lg Colo

Hello LaaLuna

That you can only do if you take the pill.

Greeting HobbyTfz

No that you can nicht.Nur with taking the pill, you can move the withdrawal bleed or skipped entirely.

If you are a little older, then you let the pill verschreiben-> they will come regularly and usually only 4-5 last days.

You can build your period Duch taking the pill "move, shorten, stop ....".

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