Can I prohibit my landlady to keep a cat or a small dog

I moved in August in my first home. Now I wanted a cat or a small dog grow me because I feel so alone very lonely. However, is in my lease under other agreements, the animals are not allowed. Although my landlady had several cats in spite of the agreement, the landlord said nothing to ihr.Als I asked said they directly No, is it that simple? Can they forbid me a cat or taking a small dog?

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A ruling by the Supreme Court from 2013 to the lessee must not be in principle prohibited the keeping of domestic animals, also corresponding clauses in rental contracts are not permitted. If the landlord still objections, it must justify this.

The landlord can give you (if she does not want the animals in the apartment are) to keep quite prohibit animals.

Yes it can if it so is in the contract. Can you still define one animal can you see a part of the deposit or you contract to terminate even without notice.

Some landlords may therefore not animals, because if they destroy something and the deposit is lower than the cost of the renovation he remains od hang it.

She can.

Japp. Sure they can.

This is in your lease.

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