Can I rent an apartment with a mini job (450 Euros / month)?

If you are 18 years old and still goes to school. Can one, for example, rent a room wg?

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You are age 18 and can enter into contracts. But do not only charge. yet are added living expenses to the cost of the room. 450 euros are not much. You only need even food, clothing, want to step out. And maybe there is even a utilities surcharge for the apartment.

If you find a landlord who rents you with this income a room, then this is no problem!

Most likely you will not find a landlord who you in the low-income rented an apartment, a room you will not get.

Quite simple math: Taste the shared apartment more than you earn? Then no ...

And what this room cost and what do you mean, how much money you in
Month to "life" need?

You want to live of 450 €? If you first check how much is a Flatshare) In Munich you would need okay 600-700 € for a room

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