Can I say these weaknesses during the interview?

Hello, I have a job interview tomorrow at a bank (technical secondary school placement). The are certainly me to ask about my weaknesses, and then I say the following weaknesses of me:

  • Over time, however, rather too early than too late
  • Not so good at sports, you can also see on my score (a 3)

Can I call these weaknesses? These are namely no standard answers, but yes personal weaknesses. And they are certainly not me come negative. But how can I not "beautify", so even just walking for the better? If the satellite "Better too early than too late," any negative during a job interview. Yes or?


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Well then, the first is okey the sport you could put it that way as would be the movement in the sense of performance sport not yours but you care for a healthy lifestyle for you should but at least be reasonably thin ^^

About punctuality is a sign mangelden self-consciousness. You're afraid to be late and direct your timing exactly on a date, plan to shop, what you can do in the meantime, you gammelst only pointless rum profaned from one foot to another's. In addition, you can see it as unfounded excessive zeal. Just wait for how the conversation history is. It is important that you see your enemy in the eye.

Hello timmbboo23,

I recommend, in the event of such a call about a real, but not critical for the desired position of weakness. You should also add, as you deal with this weakness and what you had plenty to overcome them.

From a corporate perspective is this question not so much of the weakness in itself, but rather to see whether the applicant is entitled to his weaknesses and how he deals with it.

Here you can see sometimes:

The two answers you mentioned I do not consider appropriate because both are not real weaknesses.

I find it quite well, and I would explain to the sport rather different. If you say you move unwillingly, you will be afraid that you're eventually bold and inflexible. If you is because you simply "can not be bothered" to join have examined it looks from stupid. Just say, you can not well throw / catch.

Too early is not on time, but not on time.

If I want that somebody is at 8am with me, I find it very unpleasant if that person already at 7.30 am is here. Here's how the most.

ie on time so +/- 3 minutes everything is punctual.

at your job interview, determined goes related to topics and questions of no way weaken yours, if any. about punctuality and a 3 in the sport I would not call it a weakness

One should at the interview if one is asked about weaknesses, actually say something like banal. Can be addressed to "weaknesses" you can attach the safe.

Over time is not a weakness, why did you even already answered and sports is not so important in the bank, you can say that but

Over time is not weakness, but unsportsmanlike you can say quietly.

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