Can I stop a handyabo of wichimobile phone?

hello, I caught me a handyabo of wichimobile. Located in Romania. Third barrier mobilcom is established. apparently valid but only for new subscriptions. In order to stop from wichimobile at least, I have read one or two articles, in which a 0800 number in wichimobile was called and the stop of current charges was confirmed by phone and by SMS. To me it's not about the already debited 4.99 euros, but the fact that nothing comes another. Does it work like that? What are the dangers of another abzocke may prevail? I'm worried. Thank you for your / your support!

The best answer

I have tonight a Wichimobile Subscription captured me what I got an sms from Vodafone that € 4.99 arrived on my bill. I was really upset so I degree phoned my provider Vodafone and stress made to the take out at once - was taken to the "fair dealing". Reputation so best with your provider and make them fire under;)! If that does not work you have to call right at Wichimobile ...

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