Can I take my dog ​​why?

I Hundefùhrerschein exam have morning. My dog ​​a beautiful Amstaff is not the problem. He is 9 months old, very very nice and friendly a real angel. I'm just afraid that I what verbocke I mean the questions that's a completely different situation than before in high school, nähmlich now I have to take a test where you live one, the life of my dog ​​goes. I'm not stupid I just this fear that I screw up what because my dog ​​is an angel, he did not deserve. That's why I'm so nervous. Everything will go smoothly only when I'm drann, my turn with questions and some versau: P because I considered asking me some example if ne bitch their day has what you then do "and stuff, I mean sorry I've not even ne ?!. but bitch When I ask the wrong answer my dog ​​is an angel can take it away anyway ??: / thanks

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For a list of dog like yours it comes to a certificate of competence in which not only the dog's behavior geteste is but also how you have brought him up, and whether you're Knowledgeable enough this cough keep "dangerous" animal so in the future and educate can not do it to "risk" for others will. can it is always useful a preparatory course to make at a dog school because even if you only verkackst the dog away to be there you do not have the necessary knowledge from the perspective of the Office such an animal keeping

Go there please quite loose. Trust in your dog and please will shake it not your insecurity. The whole nonsense with the so-called. List dogs is unworthy because many agree. General Dogs issues affect every dog ​​owner to which he has always set. For example, a dog does not have their "day", it is 2x per year on heat and is ready to mate. But we know with a little education. What does any dog ​​owner with a bitch in heat nearby? - His dog back up, distracted and move into odor-free zones. You do not expect much more than should be expected of every dog ​​owner. A well-socialized dog, high threshold. The Amstaff has in many countries as a race no lobby, which is a big disadvantage. Its bite force is parallel to the body weight enormously. Dubious holders owe him its bad reputation. Your diligence and social skills of the dog is tested, nothing more. With pads must always be expected.

I have had many Amstaffs and other so-called. List dogs in my pension. On average considered, it was the most pleasant dog. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Are you doing this test voluntarily? Normal, they may you not the dog I take you mean you have yet acquired him :)

You have to be absolutely quiet, your fear and uncertainty carries over to the dog.

Every dog ​​owner should know what means the heat of a bitch. Did not you prepare yourself?

It's all in the question for any removal of the dangers your dog. Just because you're not competent, you dog is not revoked. It is you might impose to take additional courses and keep you in mind, but as long as your dog is a lamb, you have nothing to fear.

Yes they can, I think, because it is not a matter that your dog is an angel, But about that you know what you have to do everything and so ... nh

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