Can I unlock my ec card with my health insurance card

Hello :) I was yesterday at the Centro and wanted to withdraw money .. there then stood on the display that I have often entered my pin wrong. Here I have the once entered. now I do not dare to put the card in a different machine. And I wanted to ask if I can unblock the ec card with my health insurance card?

Thank you in advance ;)

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No, the unblocking takes your account-operating institutes before, so your bank - not the insurance company.

Your ATM card has been blocked, you must then call the bank and let unlock you out this time? Seems kommisch ago when you say you have otherwise always given the PIN correctly. Lasss was time to check through your bank and WO especially ever tried so money making. Seems like a scam.

Your medical card thus has nothing to do the just looks similar.

How does that work? Need to rub together?

Since you have to go to your bank and deport you. This is only possible by personnel or passport. The health card is not valid ID to ensure the identification.

And the operator of the bank can then determine why the card is gespert and if he can he can unlock then.

Go into your Bankfilliale. Your advisor should know you :) Otherwise, the KK is not a valid identity document, which is really just the identity card or passport. But as I said, the consultant should know you and there should be no problems :)

Did someone steal a purse in which, unfortunately, was only the bank card and health insurance card? Otherwise you would not so often enter their Pin wrong or? : D

I mean the health insurance card instead of my ID. Mama is on vacation and not come purely home

That was good - unlock ec card with KK card ....

No, you can not. You must log to contact your advisor in your institution.

As can you order only charge you a new debit card.

Sincerely BVB565

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