Can I upgrade the memory without losing the warranty for this laptop?

Hello I want to expand the memory to 16GB with this laptop. asked I Saturn if the can do for me, but you do not. Now I want to do myself, but I wonder if then disappears my warranty? At 1000 € I would like to hold a guarantee therefore the question!

Here the laptop:

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So, the notebook manages 16GB memory and you can also be installed without the warranty to lose. The prerequisite is of course that it is compatible memory and you do not have to make due with a side cutter. (Gabs all before).

If in doubt, you go with it to a notebook dealers and can professionally installed memory there. (Please do not Saturn - which can only sell the parts, but have even in most cases with no plan.) So you're on the safe side

Does the laptop as a service flap for the memory on the bottom? That you should clarify beforehand in the manual of the laptop.

If it is intended to expand the memory, then there is usually a corresponding flap for it, so you do not have disassemble the entire unit to upgrade.

In Some laptops can be the memory but not upgrading because both slots have either already with the maximum RAM chips.

Also if you have once found in the manual or consult the hotline of the manufacturer.

As long as you aufrüstoptinionen sachgemäs ausführst not you lose the guarantee, at the damage this does not apply to this case but to verursavht

That is you so no one can say ausm impromptu.

If you thus breaking any seal that is not an issue. Normal white it is even provided by the manufacturer, the HDD and the RAM privately to change without warranty loss.

Have you because as a look inside? Probably only 2 slots will be available. That means you'd have to 2x 8GB bolt pure pop which are really expensive ..and your old 2x 4GB only fly around.

Especially 16GB just is not much, 8GB is balanced.

It can at most fall the warranty of the PC system abee the guarantee of processor, graphics card, etc. Remains;) That's why I build my PCs always only themselves together because I do not set myself to this complete system warranty)

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