Can I work with education and 3 years studying veterinary medicine?

Hi I'm trained as a veterinary professional salaried actually I had to work and then to be animal doctor before after 3 years. Now I got to know that you not even be studied veterinary medicine with Fachabi now I'm with uncertain is the überhaubt?

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Veterinary medicine is a scientific study that is planned from universities. The technical college (the so-called. "Fachabi") is not sufficient to do so. However, there are in individual states (I refer only to Germany) special way to get to university entrance (= Abitur). The best you you are looking for the nearest university with veterinary medicine and leaves you there at the Student Counselling (sometimes called "student councelling office" called) informed regarding this special way.

You need a real high school diploma and a good one at that. University student is not enough. Https://

If not sure, that's a whole other level. For this you need a diploma.

No, you can not. For this, you need full diploma.

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