Can jmd say what do you call this dog to me?

It would totally help me ...

The best answer

Oh no please do not!!! This is a DWARF SPITZ abroad often Pomeranian. There is also the Japan pointed, Boo (so called this dog) looks to me for a Japanese, you see the eyes. He was cropped because the live in a warm country, so I advise you strongly discourage !! Owners have done with her dog, nephritis, the puppies almost died! If you want this dog please even the way he normally looks, because I find that by far prettier !!

which is a Pomeranian was shorn. So a Pomerania.

Please, what is your problem?

For what it helps you to learn that this dog just the Boo is well ... fully exit the currently all teenagers and Tu ???

Boo is one of the completely verqualzüchteten races, hardly has a reasonable life expectancy, usually comes from dubious sources and you have to spend several times the purchase price again to make living more than 3 years for veterinary costs for the dog ...

I can only agree with previous speakers that is a cropped Pomeranian pomeranian. On the subject of agony breeding ... Almost every breed is somehow a spoiled breeding, many reasonable breeds there are no longer at. It is difficult to find a good and reputable breeder with papers in this race course, but it is not impossible to have even a toy dog ​​of another race, this year 8 years old and is still top fit;)

Yes that's about ... Raised breed Pomeranian is the race. LG

Plush ???

ne, do not know, but find him totally sweet. Frag doch mal in nem forum Dog

Perhaps this helps the question :) https://www./frage/suche-hunderasse-mit-bild

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