Can minecraft with satellite and an i5 4460 record laggfrei?

Heyo, mal ne ask: since the recording program obs much cpu "needs" and minecraft also, I wanted to ask if I could do it with my i5 4460 laggfrei still two years?

Ps: No not for yt, for private purposes. ^^ With classmates with skill indicate at noobs haha

Bye and thanks :)

The best answer

This is of course possible but it can also NEN was formed when eg your pc is not powerful genzgenug ...

MfG JJR_1107

Jo if you definitely still good de graka

The requirements of MC not rise really, so yes,

It is quite sure but I recommend you camtasia is richtich horny and without laggs you you just have each month to download the trial version or you are looking for new nine trick the internet I jez forever TRIAL

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