Can my dog ​​choke at night?

So I am 15 years old and have 2 dogs. The one I have'm 3 years old since I. Since a short time know we that he has only a few weeks to live because of tumors. I will now not at all clear, and can not cope with this, as it has been with me all my life. The doctor told my parents that he might suffocate if you do not sleep for him. But we want it of course as soon as it gets bad air let him to sleep. Now I'm afraid that he might suffocate in the night and I will in no case! Can this happen? Otherwise I'm going to sleep next to the basket, so I can be sure that he does not suffocate. I do need an answer. I do not want to lose my dog ​​yet!

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Of course, the dog can choke, but since you do not need you too next place, in the case you will always be able to do anything except watch.

A tumor is an evil thing and I have to agree the Ta: Let redeem the dog. Now he's still reasonably good, his pain are limited and he had a beautiful, long life. He was loved and will never be forgotten, that's a beautiful death, with the knowledge I would also like to assign. but you wait yet, so the tumor grows, your dog gets pains that are getting bigger and never end, medication follow but only the symptom fight, your dog will be weaker and weaker, he becomes emaciated loses the last joy of life, at the end it is only one more fight he can not win. Bring him to the vet soon, bid adieu to him and be with him. Take him in the arm. 15 years long, and I can tell the same of my cat who has been with me for 16 years, from birth. But it is better for him. Euthanasia is also quite "comfortable". The dog is injected normal narcotic, ie he sleeps first one only, as in a theater. If he is fast asleep one agent is injected him that his heart can stop beating. but this he did not notice anything. He sleeps and his soul hovering above him already. There is only a small step to dissolve the body and to disappear to a place without pain and without worries.

While it is faith thing and I do not believe in God or anything else, but I am firmly convinced that our animals are more with us as long as we think of them. Stay with your dog until it is put to sleep. I work in a small animal practice and get Euthas unfortunately often. It's a strange feeling, but I often my mitzubekommen how come loose and slide the soul. This may sound exaggerated, but believe me, you will feel it too. Then the soul to a better place and the body is only a figure, an empty shell. That which you loved, and what you'll always think is the soul of the dog and it stays with you.

Take him to the vet and rescue him before worse happened. Choking is very unpleasant, the animals panic kicking and gasping for breath, they die in battle. I want to see how my dog ​​falls asleep in my arms and happy dear. Geborgen. When I think, that's the most beautiful death that you can choose. In his family, happy and blessed. Tu your dog a favor it - do it to you both!

Should he suffocate at night, you can not do anything in spite of everything. Unfortunately, every life an end and that end is much faster than ours with our animals, because they simply do not have the same life expectancy. Should she die you at night, then it is at least in their familiar environment and not in the vet clinic.

Why euthanize a dog as a precaution, because it could possibly suffocate because of his illness sometime. As long as the dog is still doing well, dh he has no pain and is still eating his food, I would even let him live. A tumor is not always associated with pain, that's the tricky mind. Once pain or massive complaints arise, it is also very fast to the end. Just then, the time has come to let go of your dog. Remember the many beautiful days that were allowed you spend with him, that's a great gift. Enjoys all together yet the time that remains to you, and make his life as good as possible. I have heard so many people after the death of your dog that they would never again buy a dog. But when the grief has subsided then, a dog turned up again. A life without a dog can indeed be a good life, but it is definitely dog ​​viiiiiel beautiful.

Tragic story with your dog feel sorry for you, clearly can happen that he suffocated night best you take it with you to the room then you hear when what is, and your parents you say also communication much success

As hard as it is, you have to take it slow farewell. Your dog is very old for a dog. I do not know what he has, therefore, it can be said if he could just choke when sleeping difficult, but I can unfortunately imagine that he suffocated night. but your dog does not seem very well be suffering at the moment (correct me if I'm wrong) and I think I would wait with the euthanasia even. However, it may be that you wake up one morning and your dog is dead, sad as it is, so that runs just ... It will bring you nothing to sleep next to his basket, you would either barely can sleep up not at all, or you would not notice if he gets it breathlessness. Try your accept that your dog will soon go .. he can not live forever.

Is it more merciful to let go of the dog, before he suffers a fearful death? I mean yes.

Therefore, I would plead to store the dog accordingly so that the nocturnal suffocation is not compulsory. Or else, to let him go without pain and without fear at home in a basket.

So we did it in January with our beloved Schäfine. She was rescued by emergency surgery, suffered a collapse, 10 days later, two days later the next. The enlargement of the spleen had scattered, that could be seen by the OP. The heart went crazy, they had a resting heart rate of 160 (!), Even heart medications in sporting dosage had no effect.

The night in which she had such a high pulse, I spent at her basket. Like so many nights before. The following morning we carried them into the garden, she leaned against the doorway and pushed all paws into the ground when she saw the stairs. My vet had no bright idea more so that we have made an appointment for the afternoon. She came and Aisha fell asleep in my arms.

I have held for a much better idea than continue to look at the picture of misery. Aisha had no chance to be saved.

I wanted to spare her further pain and suffering. In writing this report I also run back the tears. Indeed, it is no matter. Dead is dead. However, it does make any difference whether the animal had to torture, or whether we save exactly.

The pain is also the same, if not worse, if you know you can do it would easier.

Give yourself a jerk and redeem your friend, forbid him from unnecessary suffering. Choking is a very ugly death.

Discuss it all again with your veterinarian. Pay attention to the associated symptoms. Choking is not like sleep. Suffocation is associated with anxiety and panic. Withhold your friend's.

I wish you much strength to make the right decision at the right time.

Sad greetings, Michi

This is hard, be brave for your dog and if you fall asleep you feel better next to körbchen, or place it next to your bed I would do the same thing, and have already made it. euthanize the vet for I would postpone for too long, it is better if he can go to sleep peacefully. In your heart nobody can take it away!

Sure he can. Let him now rather euthanize, also wenns painful. So at least you can be sure that he has no pain when he does not already have now, and can exclude exactly what you wrote.

First my condolences :( I think rather not he suffocated, think it's great that you would sleep beside him. To go Sure you can do that with sleep beside him :) LG and VG Lisa In Council write simple :)

I'm very sorry that you got such a poor prognosis by the veterinarian for your dog.

We have to let a dog go over the Rainbow Bridge years ago because of a malignant and fast growing tumor in the tongue.

You have a very close relationship with the dog - forsake you're probably on your feelings: you can feel it when an old dog no longer wish to live.

I wish you very understanding parents aside the dog and go with you when the time has come to help the dog to go over the rainbow bridge.

I'm very sorry about your dog I myself have my dog ​​lost and he died in my arms: (I'm sorry to say this but there are possible :(

Then blow times your camp next to the basket on. just what you do when you are in deep sleep and awake in the morning and going to your dog is dead ??? So when it comes to him so bad as you describe here I would still prefer to bring the final blow so hard Also sounds that now. I lost 4 cats. 3X cancer (1ner which 1 day before Christmas Eve) and one due to stroke.

Best Schläferst you see him now, you notice vlt not who he suffocated! That's Tierquelerei !!

The dog may just like the daytime, even suffocating at night.

Sleeping next to the basket: c Because if he dies then in your arms. Give him the most beautiful weeks, days of his life! ;)

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