Can my dog ​​eat raw chicken parts?

Contrary to popular belief that a dog should never eat chicken, because the splintering bones might hurt him, I heard now that this is true only for boiled chicken. If the chicken pieces raw, he must go. Right?

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Chicken bones are cooked condition dangerous for dogs. But you should always remember that not everyone can tolerate dog bone. So rather be a little careful. What is an absolute treat for the dog, namely dried chicken feet. They are also a good calcium-supplier. Because salmonella You need not worry, dogs have humans to a multiple of stomach acid. Finally, also eat carrion, without getting indigestion.

Of course, a dog can eat raw chicken, including bone. Bones, especially long bones (as they have birds), losing by cooking and smoke their Elastität and spill tern extreme. This very sharp bones may lead to schliimen injury, and even death of the dog.

In nature, birds are prey to canids.

Salmonella play no role in healthy dogs. The stomach acid is much more concentrated than in humans because salmonella have no chance.

The bones could lead to blockages, which dogs especially like to have eventually. Our Husky bitch gets only the rawhide chew bone from the Specialists (this here: http: // ... ) they can withstand great and also get no blockages.

Ps: Of course from time to time, even right bones, but then only in moderation, so they out nciht yelps in pain

Raw chicken parts are no Prolbem for a healthy dog. Meat is generally in crude form is healthy except Sfchwein which contain aknn the Aujetzki virus.

Bone (all, except for supporting bone) may be fed only raw since they cook after splinter. Before that they are flexible. Bearing bones are from the outset too hard for the teeth and can cleave it even. would be observed yet that the bones in old age are harder, but on the holiday market you get anyway only young chickens.

The salmonella making the animal no problem if digestion is intact.

We feed our dog for 2 years so completely and since then she is much better than with prefabricated trash.

Yes, raw chicken with bones is good for dogs - I feed felugelchen and huhnerhalee mc 1x a week ...

For details, you read to here:

I wonder at such a question: do you like your dog does not? or why do you hurt him?

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