Can my dog ​​go train now?

My dog ​​is limping 2 or 3 days ago, but today we (I and my sister) to my dad and I would love to take him. He no longer limps auh and is top fit. I just wanted to ask what you think so, because I'm not sure. Would be nice if you help me.


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I think some games that he should go on the web with and jogging not incidentally ;-)

Since this been going, for he indeed is fit again. May be he has simply "represent", which happens to us people also times.

Watch him but in spite of all good (even if you did not drive) and go for abnormalities with him to the vet.

if he limps you should go to the vet!

Otherwise, the dog does not have to run so if he drives so train there since probably not a problem .. :)

take him time and again when he starts to limp, go to the vet so that it is determined why he limps. Perhaps he is suffering from patella luxation. which must then be treated.

Yes think so that you can :) wenns begins again -> veterinarian

Sure you can go by train Your dog.

Just Take him with what to go wrong.

Of course, the come. Why not?

Have you figured out why he hobbled?

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