Can my dog ​​with 6 years yet for the first time deliver puppies?

In our family, a 6 year old French Bulldog is a member. Now we are worried that they might had a tryst with her French Bulldog friend!

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Hi aufjeden case times to the vet and let quickly check whether it has been covered, the ultrasound you can do that look good. Unfortunately, I do not know even your dog, have therefore concerns by race and would if a typical Bulli is rather advise against because it just may lead to complications already racially conditioned and then with 6 years I think just for daring. Come as much on the health of your dog, whether they can breathe freely etc.Denn in an emergency, it may be the need to be brought with cesarean little, because of the large thick heads that do not fit through the birth canal, and because the mother must topfit for be.

at this age can be a bitch do not cover the first time, or leaves her after breeding to the vet the syringe then input. Pregnancy and childbirth are always a risk, and for older Hündnnen the risk is twice as large. A 50 year old woman gets so synonymous no more children! In serous breeders a bitch comes with 6 years in "retirement". Go to the vet and let advise you! If the mating is not so long ago, the dog let the syringe then input.

What is, you worry? You must know when the dog was in heat, and if he was covered as yet. A provisional dog is not upheld but the leash because you get but with what happened.

6 are a little late, you spent Monday at a veterinarian! And if you are not able to take care eueren dog, let him castrated. Französiche Bulldogen are suffering animals bred, which the world does not need more.

happened has happened, because you can only go to the vet and try to make the best.

But you will surely know yourself that maybe a cesarean may be necessary in this breed.

But I suppose that you can do an ultrasound at your vet anyway, who can tell you whether the egg is fertilized or not.

I wish you all the best!

which can-not be very critical in vain take their breeder females in this age of the breed - and a first draft is the very large risks that bitch it ncht creates or leads to complications. a kaiserschnnitt is often noetwandig (1000 euros) and then must ahc is often the puppy every 2 hours big draw per bottle ...

when the heat was not very long ago, please inform us about the vet and a syringe, the quais "pill thereafter for dogs" ...

You worry after you have allowed it to present a bitch in heat in the prior heat a potent males (coincidentally the same race)?

but since I have no faith, especially since this is your first question at GF - WELCOME

The way I see it, it is in both dogs not tested and to their (if existing) health examined breed dog.

So you want to go under the propagators and quickly make a few bucks?

If you still such a very little bit of a sense of responsibility of your dog against felt, then you are at the latest next Tuesday at the vet and brings even the whole subject up ...

I think to make it deliver a 6 year old bitch puppy plenty dangerous - especially because it is a race handeltwo you can not expect so easy deliveries ...

So it fits so on his dog on, and in the period where they provisionally / ready for mating is allowed to not a dog out of sight.


why not ? !

best to make a U-sound make go to the vet, is painless and has the fastest certainty. But I would let them sterilize later, if you do not want a baby!


If it has already happened to the stands drch

Biologically possible is also to old age. It makes sense not. Nobody needs vermehrerwelpen (and ups I have not taken care of the same). From the TA wentweder the syringe thereafter or neutered.

the first draft of this age with unbedarftzen ignorant Besuitzern - this is very dangerous, possibly fatal.

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