Can my landlord prohibit a dog to me now?

My owner had dogs in the apartment and now I live in an apartment and have a dog and now my landlord wants the ban. what funny is we have also hunderasse still the same so say my dog ​​would be too large, it can not ... So he can give me a dog in the home ban now or not ??

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Look in the lease. Perhaps it is there anyway inside. That's with us namely also so but we all pets. Of course, he may forbid it! But if you have the same race I see no reason why you have to give away your dog and he may keep it!

you've received from him a grant and why now rumspinnt you'd have to ask him myself, but perhaps it is not about him yes to the dog .....

maybe he wants you out have for some reason. I would sometimes invite him to coffee and him kindly ask where the problem lies. back down I would not even, especially because he has you so the dog bewiligt, a verbal commitment is as binding as a written. if your dog is so "nice" as you describe him, then I see really no reason why he should not stay.

By law, to my knowledge, no longer allowed in the lease prohibiting pets. In dogs, it is, I think, a matter of judgment. The neighbors have been consulted and if what not mind, it's over with Hundi.

Your landlord is the OWNER of the apartment in which you live now. And if he had retained therein elephant plays absolutely no role. Since the apartment is owned by BE it may prescribe very well if you must it keep a dog. If he has expressly forbidden it in the lease must you do away with it. If nothing in the lease can your landlord you the terrible ban so readily.

If the lease livestock is excluded it is allowed to.

Dear rocky road,

we had with your previous questions already contact regarding dog ...

To answer this question now: Did you in writing! can give their consent for keeping dogs from your landlord? A YES provided, then your landlord must now towards you justify in writing why you "do away with" the dog shall ...

This written justification you can easily then to a tenant protection association contact (which is cheaper than equal to engage a lawyer) and you will be able to tell you how your chances are to continue to live in the apartment and at the same time to keep the dog ...

If you do not have permission to dog ownership, then has your landlord when giving reasons, of course, the right to prohibit Get the dog ownership even if he keeps dogs of the same breed in the House.

And then another thing: you might think that together-living under one roof with the landlord is pleasant if such differences in space are ???

Check out the rental agreement after ... if there is the pets are not allowed / not allowed you will be able to do anything


Yes, he may leidr, at least if he has a good reason.

You can even otherwise the off threatening if you prohibit the attitude!

Lg. Lena


the main thing is: what is on animal husbandry in your lease?

If there is nothing in your contract for a ban on animal husbandry, then you can have a dog. In the case of the owner had bad luck!


Similar reasoning the landlord dog ownership can ban but wide call also.

Here is a link to Dogs:



No, the owner so flat can not forbid that. As already weighty reasons need to be there.

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