Can my mom give one weeks Handyverbot

Hey, I'm 13 and am about 4 hours a day on my phone.

Can my mom my phone which I bought take away from my own money? Can you give me Handyverbot?

The best answer

it has been really your money where you with it you buy? Say you have it yourself you earned through a job? or is it from your pocket money then überleg ma where your pocket money come from;)

I know this is not that great, my mother threatens always so but unfortunately it is so that they may the. First of, because she is my guardian and because children have no right to media.

For educational reasons they may there. Instead of 4 hours phone to waste, you should your leisure rather spend usefully.

clear, as long as you're not yet 18. And 4 hours per day is very long ... think sometimes about it

In Article 6 of the Basic Law the following is regulated:

"(2) The care and upbringing of children are the natural right of parents and a duty primarily incumbent on them. Watches over the national community."

The State Community makes no restrictions on the right of education regarding the use of cell phones permission.

I am surprised that it has not already done! With 4 hours per day, you're already a slave of your phone!

Your mother could you even completely prohibit a phone to have.

Yes, a week, a month or a year! They should! This is called "EDUCATION" because a child just does not always know what is good!

Yes, they should .... until 18, she is responsible for you .... talk to her at eye level, which is more successful than another rough handling

Jup, she has the right of education and educational measures must, as these take.

Yes you're not 18 yet! Your mom was right

Yes, they may. regardless of who pays for the phone.

Your own money?

You go accordingly work with 13 already?

Uiui which stinks for child labor and international treaties ..

Have fun settle the penalty :)

Jop legally they expected it to you 18 are kept. So just do not come up with the idea to tell her what of Justice.

Surely you must that.

If you neglect everything else: Yeah.

Yes, may your mother.

Mutti has currently still has the power

Someday you'll thank her for making you so take care of you ...

Yes, Mommy knows what's good for you and thinks it is not intended evil. Stop this time on it.

Best regards.

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