Can naive leather cultivate a pendant dome at Opel Ampera Comfort Edition automatic?

Hello friends I wanted to know whether one naive leather can grow a anhäangerkuppel the Opel Ampera Comfort Edition automatic

The best answer

The Ampera is an electric vehicle. To my knowledge no trailer coupling is of Opel itself provided. To be absolutely sure you should even Opel currently anmailen.

Hi, a call the next OPEL dealer - and You know about it. Schneller gehts really not.


According there is probably a hitch for the car, it seems to me, however, as if one would be the "somehow" on all vehicles goes, so a kind of universal solution. Here, you would probably do locally when Opelhändller again clever. Under one finds nothing, neither for the Ampera yet for the Volt.

Greeting, Albi.

Your Opel dealer around the corner make you as quickly provide information. "Naive leather" has something. The AHK is but probably only possible with cloth seats. ;-))

You can leave a trailer couplings retrofitted at any car.

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