Can not cancel and do contact with the ex?

For almost two months, my ex and I now already separated, only I can not break off contact, because I'm going every weak and we actually have "good" contact and so on. I suffer also completely under and am slowly despair really am, how should it proceed?

The best answer

Destroy everything that has to do with their pictures, gifts, memories etc. erase their number and do your own thing and if anyone wants to talk about it, block immediately. Do not be sad but they hate !!! Hatred is the most disgust. You do not need, you can quite well without them .... After all, one can without partners also live quite well; D

If you suffer from the contact, then let it remain for now. Erase their number until you're over it, then you can resume contact

show edge, be consistent. What is this going?

So: tear yourself together, end, finito. Point.

Eventually you will overcome the separation. Finally, you are not an isolated case, but separate day millions of couples. :-)

You have to distract yourself. Sports, you Meet with friends, joins clubs, so you get to know other people. Once you're distracted, your ex will be pushed further and further into the background and you're back open to a new relationship. All the best!

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