can not einschlafn!

Rigid since the ceiling for hours, but have to get up early tomorrow, I'm wide awake any tips?

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Hello! Try your head to think in a beautiful fantasy world. Think you to sleep on a positive story. You are a hero, a special athlete, superstar or model, rettest for you important people or equal to the whole of humanity. You're the best around, 100 enemies? Nothing! You will in this way over the head is positive (this is important!) Tired and fall asleep. Does it once, it's over and the problem is sustainable way.

All the best and good luck.

Warm milk with honey helps me always very good and if I have my cup empty then I softly music, close your eyes and concentrate only on the music.

Hellöu duu ... :)

So the following variants:

-trink something (best warm milk)

-lies einwenig

-höre quiet music (Amnesia - 5SOS / stupid little things -1D always helps me)

-Sheep Include (does not always work)

-Your (dream) imagined future

hope could help ...


Listen Quiet music to make eyes, trying to disable, look Lp's, where not so much action in it. This helps me ^^

Make yourself a cup of tea. Get a book and make yourself comfortable: D also helps me most :)

Good luck yet

You have read that really works a book. I did that as well only not believed, beginning with a book and tired after 5 pages. THIS WORKS OUT!!!

Drinking warm milk with honey. Tastes like I find disgusting but helps :)

Carry the computer or the cell phone out. and if that does not help, relaxation music to

Think if you want to sleep never sleep ans. : P

Lie in bed, cozy one yourself, and think of anything else. ;)

Unlock soft music and sleeping;) that helps me always :))

I'm doing the same I have tomorrow in the school, but you have not played the: with cinnamon and honey -lies a book -Do 20Hampelmänner -if you only as lying to the body, pecking also and tomorrow you'll not quite as tired -Hot milk -lege a pair of socks next to you to bed -Look a movie by your eyes are tired! Hopefully I could help

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