Can not fall asleep! Tips & Tricks?

I can not fall asleep for hours. Is there perhaps tricks to get tired or fall asleep quickly?

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I heard that it will help if only the feet with tepid warm water is rinsed briefly. The warm water will probably iwie reduce pulse (mark me as not exactly). Otherwise it helps to drink something warm to hear soft music and especially not to be distracted. So nice phone, pc etc. away :)

That sounds vlt stupid but if I can not sleep I hear me youtube thunderstorm on .. ^^ that relaxes me full and I only think of the rain and then whoosh I'm gone ^^ The requirement, however, is that you not be afraid of gewittern have: D

Before sleeping not play on mobile. Not fehr see not eat just before sleeping. Listen Maybe (quiet) music and no electronic devices in the bedroom and if it is absolutely necessary turn on airplane mode. There are also those tablets, which are made from plants and help you fall asleep. But that should not take too much you, as you can of which are dependent.

High Five ;-) Same here

reading book, soft music with headphones or so listening, hot milk with honey, PC and phone

listen to music and make beautiful thoughts :)

Do not think consciously about what. Let your thoughts wander

fortuitous music or whatever hot drink :)

Drink something. To delve into the idea. If that does not work then I'll get the hammer from under the bed and beat me some. On the head Get drunk you, that always helps

Read over 10 long questions & answers to ALL out always works :))

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