Can not install Adope Flash player

Hi, I bought me with installing operating system a laptop. I want me now Adope Flash player down but load when I go to the official site I get the site not as normal but as if it were only a text written without the beautiful download button and the rest. Ok I thought me to go I the Pc lad installation file 1Mb since said done down to the stick with the installer and finished on the laptop run the program and install it to 0% then after some time installation Aborted start it again? May be that my Antiviruses program as I blocked've G-Data and still nothing changed also comes on every website the inquiring whether I am sure that the page is ok and "I know the risk," I have to always click.

The best answer

While it may well be that your AV spins, but more likely is that the installer spins. That comes with Adobe before often. The fact that the page is displayed incorrectly, is located on a misconfiguration of your browser. Since it but unfortunately are also unwanted additions to this page, you must deselect specially before downloading, rather go to the page for offline installer chance and download the TWO separate versions of IE and other browsers.

Date: 2019-02-06 Views: 2
Tags: Windows Adobe

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