Can one with 14 lung cancer get faster than 20?

How much faster when it comes ?? Thanks in advance

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Lung cancer has nothing to do with age. Rather of professional activities as certain substances in paints us paints can cause cancer or just outside to use colors that are used indoors, are particularly harmful. And that has nothing to do me Age. If you inhale harmful fumes or smoke, it reaches almost unfiltered as "oxygen" into the bloodstream and can practice anywhere cause damage or cancer in the body.

A note: In house fires rarely burn people die of smoke inhalation. As pollutants in smoke within 7 seconds in the brain, they cause immediate dizziness and loss of consciousness and it is then helpless to oxygen deprivation - delivered the smoke.

Anyone who starts smoking, knows this feeling of dizziness, occurring shortly after the first train on a cigarette and morning.

The anatomy of our body: Our heart consists of 2 ventricles. The 'little pumps blood from the lungs to the large ventricle, so that this blood is with oxygen "purified" and filled. The large ventricle then pumps the lungs of the upcoming "cleaned" blood throughout our entire body, with all that we breathe. Fresh stuffed with oxygen is the best that can use our bodies and he will thank us.

Clear the probability is to get bigger with 14 faster lung cancer because your lungs are still in full growth is un total affected by nicotine! At that age you does not even have to think about smoking: /

Logically, I would say, 20 years are more vulnerable,

but does not know it.

Because when you're young copy something that the body cells still pretty fresh and healthy.

That's about like a photocopy:

The more you make a copy of the copy, the worse the image quality.

Lääst not generalize itself depends on risk factors such as smoking.

The likelihood increases with smoking in adolescents more than adults

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